Breakfast Menu

Room Service Breakfast menu

Continental Breakfast $20


Your choice ofJuice: • Orange • Apple • Pineapple • Cranberry • Grapefruit


Cereals your choice of:

• coco pops

• rice bubbles

• corn flake

• toasted muesli - wood fired maple and walnut

• special k

• sultana bran

• gluten free muesli


Seasonal sliced fruit, fresh berries (GF) (VG)


House made yogurt with your choice of topping: • Mango • Mixed Berries • Passionfruit


Toast: • white • multi grain • wholemeal • sour dough • fruit loaf
Croissant / Danish Basket

Full Breakfast $25
please select from the Continental selection above and your choice of one below:


Smashed avocado, feta, hazelnut dukkha topped with an egg (V)


Hot oats, agave syrup, berries, brown sugar (V)


Eggs benedict, your choice of spinach, ham or smoked salmon, with hash brown & tomato


Corn fritters, bacon, chipotle aioli, wild baby rocket leaves & feta


Pancake stack, berry compote, Maple syrup (V)


Breakfast burger, American cheese, egg, bacon, tomato relish, aioli & hash brown


Omelette, 3 eggs and your choice of filling with sourdough toast (V)
• Spinach • Mushrooms • Cheese • Ham • Onion • Tomato • Capsicum


Full breakfast: 2 eggs of your choice, bacon, chipolatas sausage, Grilled tomato, hash browns and mushrooms
• Scrambled Eggs • Poached Eggs • Fried Eggs • Over Easy • Boiled


Tea and coffee options

Espresso coffee






Long Black


Pot of tea

Chai Latte

English breakfast

Earl Grey


Green Tea

Hot water

Hot water & lemon

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